Bespoke Professional Psychology

– tailored to each individual client

People accessing my service may have a degree of complexity which they wish to unravel - or perhaps a straightforward issue which they would like to understand more fully.

As you are reading this it is possible that you might be troubled or distressed by life events – or you have simply lost interest in life and feel directionless or lacking in motivation. It is likely that you are seeking a highly specialised psychologist and discretion and high levels of confidentiality are key elements for you (i).

Whatever the reason, I am here to help and have had many years of supporting people to gain emotional stability, greater life focus and meaning. In addition to offering evidence-based therapies, I adopt a strengths-based approach, generating solutions rather than concentrating on problems.

Taking an optimistic view of life, I encourage change and new ways of construing things so that life becomes more manageable and under your control – where challenges are seen as opportunities. I offer bespoke, professional support to maximise gain from the times when things are difficult and personal resources seem low.

I don’t take your words merely as words, Far from it, I listen to what makes you talk.
Whatever that is – And me listen

Amanda Hall CPsychol; AFBPsS

I am a highly specialised Doctoral level Psychologist, with an excellent reputation, in the field of Applied Psychology in mental health and wellbeing (please see my testimonial section). 

I have amassed over twenty five years of experience in the Mental Health and Psychiatric field at a Clinical, Management and Executive Director level, both in the NHS and the private health care sector – working with people experiencing a wide range of problems and diagnosed ‘disorders’.

I offer a range of psychological assessments and mental health interventions tailored to the individual need of the client and at a pace which suits them best.

In addition, given my management and executive experience, I offer corporate packages to improve mental wellbeing or improve services globally.

Amanda Hall - Psychologist UK

​(i) It should always be borne in mind that levels of confidentiality have to comply with HCPC ethical and professional practice requirements see: