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I cannot stress enough the positive impact Amanda has had on my ongoing mental wellbeing and outlook on my own life. She has helped me remember who I actually am, reclaim and be able to rely on my (sometimes shaky, but ultimately kick-ass) inner core, and emerge from a difficult few years an all-round healthier, kinder, and less apologetic woman. I came to Amanda as an ostensibly functioning, successful, ‘happy’, middle aged mother, but carrying years of hurt and doubt about myself; about my own thoughts, actions and other’s opinions. Mostly, of course, planted very deeply in the fertile ground of my childhood. Most would never have guessed it, but I hit an anxiety and self-confidence crisis after having my second child and moving to a new area of the country. Amanda never led me in any particular direction, or applied any obvious approach, just worked with me using her easy, respectful, interesting, professional, and hyper-intelligent approach to therapy. The experience proved to be a complete game-changer for my life.
Peter (Client later Assistant Psychologist)
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Title: A Journey with Amanda: From Client to Assistant Psychologist

My experience with Amanda has been nothing short of life changing. Initially seeking DBT therapy for borderline personality disorder, I found Amanda's approach uniquely effective. Beyond the conventional, her insightful questions led to the discovery of an underlying ADHD diagnosis. Through DBT, Amanda equipped me with practical skills and supported their integration into my daily life. As our therapeutic relationship flourished, I embarked on a postgraduate psychology conversion course, aiming to deepen my understanding of the field. Recognising my eagerness to contribute to psychology services, Amanda generously offered me the opportunity to work as her assistant psychologist. Focusing primarily on DBT therapy at a psychoeducational level, this role has been an invaluable addition to my academic pursuits. The transition from client to assistant has been a significant and rewarding journey. Amanda's guidance and mentorship have played a pivotal role in my personal and professional development. Looking back over the past three and a half years, I can confidently say that without Amanda's support, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am grateful for the practical skills gained, the doors opened in my academic pursuits, and the opportunity to contribute to psychology services. Amanda's approach has not only addressed immediate challenges but has also set the stage for continued growth and professional fulfilment.
John (Client)
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I started work with Amanda amidst rising confusion about who I am and how to be my authentic self. Amanda led me on a journey turning stones, confronting what lay below, and finding understanding. Through this quest I reinterpreted parts of myself and even discovered a few surprises. It was a difficult but exciting journey through which I felt safe with Amanda as my wise, experienced, challenging, generous, and kind guide. She pushed me, sometimes firmly, but with a sense of what I was capable of. And Amanda put me at ease to talk about things that initially embarrassed me. In response I seized the opportunity and applied my mind to push ahead, a testimony to Amanda’s skill. Amanda has a broad and deep experience which let her work in the best way from her considerable palette to meet my needs. For example, we worked on addressing two sets of past trauma which had become deeply embedded using EMDR which was very effective, and I feel liberated by this. I’ve been able to grow personally and professionally as a result. We were able to take time to explore deeply. I learned about how I process information (visually, it turns out, and I learned about ideasthesia through our work) and became confident in simply being myself and working that way. I also learned about how I relate to textures (which I discovered is connected to synesthesia) hence the comfort and joy that I get from how things look and feel, landscapes and clothes and so on. Before working with Amanda I had to begun to wonder whether the clothing part related to my gender identity. Through our work together I discovered a new certainty about that identity and an understanding about why I enjoy bright, flowing, soft clothing. (Not long after we finished our work an acquaintance commented that “I must feel secure in my masculinity to dress like that” which was quite a compliment both to me and to Amanda.) Simply she helped me to make sense of a whole lot of complex, confusing thoughts that were going on in my head and finally come to know myself. And through that I’ve gained the confidence to be myself in public as well as in private. Actually I’ve learned to love being myself. Working via Skype was new to me for therapy, and very effective. It kept me thoroughly present, which sounds odd as we were connected via screen and headphones, but the focus this provided was very effective. We also managed a few intensive face-to-face sessions which Amanda arranged in comfortable therapy rooms, and these perfectly complemented the work via Skype. It’s hard to describe the sense of psychological safety that Amanda provided, so that I could sit opposite her and say, in effect, “this is what I really feel like” and discuss this candidly without editing myself through embarrassment or shame. Thank you, Amanda, for the time that you spent with me and the enlightenment and healing that you brought. I will carry this lifelong, and it will change how I lead my life.
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I am now 46 years old and since my early twenties I have suffered with depression, anxiety and a food disorder as a result of very complex family relationships. In 2008 I moved to South Wales and my Psychologist, who I was working with at the time in the Midlands, recommended Amanda to me. I have gained strength and self- knowledge to the extent that I am feeling far more confident of being able to cope with various life issues and understand more and more about how I ‘tick’. She is a very knowledgeable and professional Psychologist but always compassionate and made feel at ease every time I saw her. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone and would not like to think about where my life would be now if she had not worked with me.
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After 25 years of a very successful career in the fashion industry, I decided to relocate from London to my partner’s home town of Mumbles, near Swansea, where life is paced and simple, nearly close to perfect! I was happily plodding along enjoying life. After few months settling here, thinking all is perfect, my life was turned upside down. Out of the blue, and for no obvious reasons at all, I was completely paralysed.

Everyone around me thought that I was the usual me- healthy, bubbly, loud and full of life, but the matter of the fact, it was far from the truth! I simply could not function and did not want to exist! I wanted it to be the end! It was that feeling that “EVERYONE” thought I was a good swimmer, but actually I was drowning fast, very fast – and although I was shouting for help, NO ONE heard me or noticed me!  I did try to explain to my other half and a few people I knew, but no-one understood how I was feeling deep down! Physically, I showed I was able, but I wasn’t, and mentally I was completely disabled.  Having everything one could wish for in life and then, this UGLINESS of an illness hits you just like that! No ifs or buts! A feeling of being choked with a plastic bag. A pain so deep in the chest you go to hospital thinking it is an actual heart attack!

But even in these tragic times, luck showed my way! After my partner found out I was actually thinking of very bad thoughts she gave me an ultimatum to see my GP immediately and was urgently referred to the mental health clinic. I was seen by an angel! “Very Special Angel!” Consultant Psychologist Amanda Hall, who at the time was working as the head of Psychology for the local NHS Mental Health Department. I am not one to open up to people, actually, I had not spoken to anyone in my life about my sad past and after sweating many months of blood and tears Amanda never gave up on me! I started to trust her and after a long struggle, she managed to help my restless soul and beat this misunderstood illness. 
This UGLY period had opened my eyes and i realised how many younger souls and those less fortunate than myself might not be so lucky!

So, after what this AMAZING Psychologist did with me and how she tackled my illness, I promised that somehow I had to repay back and I decided to actually do something about it!
In 2015 after my long recovery, I organised to re-open a photographic studio locally and use 25 year’s experience in photography to education and give something back to those suffering this same misunderstood illness. Since then, I built a team of people that I trusted and found a local housing premises that sponsored my cause for a 5 year lease to help me and help countless individuals suffering with this illness. It was very successful and thanks to Amanda loads of other people benefitted of this self-funded organisation offering free help! We have also proudly given
loads of support to various charities locally, one of them being the Roots Foundation Wales – www.therootsfoundationwales.org.uk  A foundation that helps young people after they come out of care homes. Thank you, Amanda Hall, for giving me a new chance in life and for helping me help so many others.
Sarah - Trainee
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In terms of career progression and academic study, Amanda has been the most influential, supportive person in my life for many years. Looking back, as a newly qualified counsellor I felt that she truly took me under her wing and helped facilitate my growth into a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. From a professional point of view, she has always been dependable, trustworthy and dedicated throughout the time I’ve known her. She was a pillar during my
training that helped me to stay grounded and ‘on-track’ throughout the QCoP – always willing to provide some encouragement during times of uncertainty, and always able to promote a conscientious, diligent attitude in all trainees. From a personal perspective, she has provided unwavering support from day one.

I’ve always felt able to turn to her if I was struggling, knowing that I’d be met with empathy, compassion and connection. Amanda has inspired me from day one of meeting her to never give up in the face of adversity, as well as pushing forwards in the drive to promote psychological mindedness in other professionals, and building a more compassionate, reliant society. I honestly don’t know where my career might have ended up going if I hadn’t met Amanda, but I’m so grateful I did, because she’s supported me 110%, and helped me to get to exactly where I’ve always dreamt of being. No testimonial could describe how grateful I truly am – she’s an absolute diamond, I’ve never met anybody like her and she’ll always be one of my true heroes in life.
Claire - Trainee
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I have known Amanda for the past 7 years. During this time, Amanda has inspired, driven, encouraged and supported me through the highs and lows that life presents us. Amanda’s passion towards life and people is infectious, it is this passion that makes it effortless to connect with her. She sees beauty in any situation and her wealth of experience encourages any individual to broaden their vision and see life from a new perspective. I would encourage anyone to contact Amanda. I would not be where I am today without her
Kathryn - Trainee
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Amanda was my Coordinating Supervisor during my 4 years of training on the Qualification in Counselling Psychology. She was a great source of support and expertise in her field, and a helpful point of contact throughout. Whilst I navigated and persevered through this training route, Amanda helpfully steered me along my path, always challenging me to push hard and to remain focused. When life stressors presented hurdles to me in moving forward and on times threatened to de-rail me, Amanda was highly sensitive and compassionate whilst remaining steady and focused, facilitating me to be so also. On times Amanda enabled me to break my workload down into manageable tasks, reducing feelings of anxiety, uncertainty or the potential to become overwhelmed. I felt Amanda was essentially my training anchor, which enabled me to explore, flourish and achieve my potential in qualifying as a Counselling Psychologist.